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Our inspiration

We have taken what started as a family passion and are slowly turning it into a hobby breeding. We breed our animals to have a friendly disposition to fit seamlessly into family life, although we believe Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not dogs for everyone. Before being sold, the puppies are evaluated by our trusted trainer who draws up an evaluation sheet for each of them based on the natural qualities of each individual subject, so as to allow us to assign the right puppy to the most suitable family for him.

Since 2021, we have been located in Marino, inside the Castelli Romani Park, in a large property overlooking Lake Albano, with about 9,000 square meters of parkland, where we live together with our animal friends; we raise them with love and responsibly, selecting our puppies by bloodlines, morphology and character.



How we work

We continue to take care of our pets even after they are adopted. For this reason, our policy is very strict and provides for the sale only to natural persons; we will never sell our animals to shops or intermediaries. To make sure they are welcomed into the home they deserve, we carry out in-depth interviews with potential new owners and then follow them through all stages of the puppies' growth, staying in contact with them and available for any difficulty or need that may arise during the life of the puppies. dog. Contact us to find out more about the process or to be placed on the waiting list.

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